Our Core Focus

YZER Roads

Providing roads as strong as asphalt at a fraction of the price and with almost no GHG emissions. More information

YZER Filtration

Providing industrial liquid filtration opportunities to remove anything from black sand to cyanide.

YZER Coatings

Our proprietary brand of paint and coatings can provide you with peace of mind that microbes and bacteria will not spread in your environment.

Making The World A Better Place


A significant part of NTI’s core mission is to seek products that serve to disrupt sectors that have accepted a status quo for generations. The road construction sector continues to accept antiquated and polluting processes to connect communities in rural and urban environments.

Economic Viability

Solutions that require less logistics offer an economic alternative to hauling materials, asphalt plants. YZER Roads will allow your budget to stretch a lot further.

Social Integrity

Making money is at the core of what we do. However, we always maintain a focus on the benefits of our work to mankind, ensuring that our products and services are environmentally, economically and socially sustainable

our team

Andre Voskuil

Chief Executive Officer

With substantial experience in European finance markets, Mr. Voskuil built on his early finance experience by leading several organistions in multiple industrial sectors. With experience in finance, emerging technology and oil and gas sectors, he brings the depth of experience required to develop a global brand.

As CEO, Mr. Voskuil is directing the vision of NTI Nanotechnology into a multi faceted disruptive technology company.

Rainer Maas


Rainer Maas holds an applied engineering graduate from Germany and is truly a citizen of the world.  Mr. Maas has worked throughout his career in Germany, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, and Canada. Mr. Maas was Project Manager in Africa for Air-Survey and Road & Infrastructure Construction Projects and is one of the founders of NTI Nanotechnology Corp. where his focus is on Business Development. Mr. Maas’s success in his career and in business can be attributed to his strong leadership, interpersonal and motivational abilities, combined with solid integrity and reliability.

Robert Schwetzke

Chief Operating Officer

Mark Jennings-Bates

Chief Marketing Officer

Mr. Jennings-Bates has led several companies including green technology companies in Canada. His role with NTI Nanotechnology Corp. is to develop the brand in to a multi-national disruptor. Adding various sustainable green technologies to the brand and creating a cohesive image will assist in returning shareholder value as brand equity increases.

Mr. Jennings-Bates was accepted as one of the youngest Fellows of the Institute of Sales and Marketing Management in the UK.



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